“Our nonprofit organization recently completed a successful strategic planning process under Kae’s leadership. Our approach was specifically crafted to obtain meaningful community input, to leverage opportunities for public relations, and to secure the kind of ‘buy-in’ that will increase the likelihood that the plan will be supported during implementation. At every step of the way, Kae was knowledgeable, professional, and highly effective in her methodology. It was a true pleasure working with Kae, and in the end, we got exactly what we needed to help guide our organization forward.”  

Andy Vick, Executive Director Cultural Office of the Pikes Peak Region

“Rader Consulting has provided USA Shooting excellent consulting in strategic planning as well as stakeholder research and analysis. Their work has been timely and professional. They took sincere interest to ensure their product met our precise requirements.”

Robert Mitchell, ED-CEO USA Shooting

“Kae changed the direction of our organization in one weekend and we thank her! Kae was able to redirect existing governance procedures and practices in a manner that every Board member understood, appreciated and accepted. Her teaching methods and her leadership were extraordinarily clear and meaningful. We plan to have her revisit our Board on a regular basis.”

Michael Massik, CEO USA Weightlifting

“We were fortunate to have this (strategic planning) process guided by a top-notch professional firm, Rader Consulting, who is considered the guru for National Governing Bodies and the Olympic movement in the U.S.”

Mike Payne, Board President USA Ultimate

“We really got a lot of work done in a day and a half!  Thanks for all of your work with us.  The work we did and your guidance will really help us come up with a great plan.  I hope we get the opportunity to work together sometime again.”

Jon Goldin-Dubois Executive Director Colorado Rapids Youth Soccer Club

“Kae Rader has provided a level of insight and professionalism for many organizations in the non-profit and for profit environment.  Kae’s ability to present, draw out the best ideas from others and synthesize innovative solutions sets her apart and places her above others in the consulting field.”

 Eric Fetsch, Owner Drexel Heritage Home Furnishings, Colorado Springs, CO

“Kae is deeply intuitive. She is attentive to organizational cultures and values, and she is a mindful listener. She kept us focused on the issues that mattered and helped us make sense of where we are headed. Kae is especially adept at infusing a disciplined approach with sensitivity to the complex issues and personalities involved. Planning processes often are painful, but with Kae guiding us we were invigorated and ended with a thoughtful direction for the future.”

Susan Edmondson, Co-Founder Cultural Office of the Pikes Peak Region (COPPeR)

“Kae is a wise consultant, so clear when strategic thinking is required. On top of that, she is a fabulous communicator, great listener, assertive and emphatic, which make her an outstanding support in development processes.”

Carlos Aguilera, President, Gestar International Group

“Your presentation was invaluable and many of the changes that were voted in by the board were a direct result of your input.  Wonderful job!”

Terry Harper, Executive Director U.S. Synchronized Swimming, Inc.

“Thank you for facilitating our Governance Task Force meeting. You were terrific. Your professionalism and knowledge were responsible for a very successful meeting. I believe we now can move forward with much clarity. It was very productive, thanks again.”

Chris Sjue, President U.S. Curling Association

“Kae Rader is a consummate professional and very team-oriented. She is talented and committed to helping others succeed. Her planning skills made her an extremely valuable member of our team, and she enjoys the respect of everyone who has worked with her.”

Scott Blackmun, CEO U.S. Olympic Committee

“It was perfect. Kae was great. The main evaluation criterion is “Did the conference achieve its objectives?” In my estimation this past weekend allowed us to go through a passage…and at the same time begin to identify the team that will carry us into the future. That has happened. We put together small task forces to further focus the key areas identified on the last day. Those assigned to the Task Groups did so with enthusiasm and this will all carry us forward. Neat stuff and it was fun. Kae is a real professional.”

Luke St. Onge, CEO USA National Karate-do Federation

“Kae did a fantastic job planning USA Diving’s board and staff retreat so that she had a great understanding of our organization’s needs well in advance. During the retreat, she kept everyone on task as we discussed key issues and priorities, and did it in a manner that kept everyone involved and cooperative. I would highly recommend Kae as a facilitator for any type of strategic planning meeting. She’s awesome!”

Debbie Hesse, CEO USA Diving, Inc.

“Kae did a great job assisting my staff. I’m not sure anyone else could have pulled it off with the patience and grace that she exhibited and still keep us on task.”

Doug Ingram, Director International Games Preparation Division U.S. Olympic Committee

“Just a quick note to thank you for the great job you did with our Board of Directors last week here at the Olympic Training Center.  You did a super job not only keeping them focused, but also interested in the materials and issues presented.  I hope to see some great results…in the years to come with our organization thanks to your assistance.”

Jose H. Rodriquez, CEO USA Judo

“You are a person whose judgment and counsel I could always rely on. You are a great listener…I really appreciated your advice.”

Dr. Robert Holmes, Executive Director Homeward Pikes Peak

“I depended heavily on Kae to keep our strategic plan alive and well. It is very active, and our divisions are building upon it to reach our lofty goals. Full credit goes to Kae and her staff.”

Dick Schultz, Executive Director (retired) U.S. Olympic Committee

“Kae was instrumental in preparing USA Volleyball to identify key process elements that directly contributed to the success of our athlete competency summit. We feel her guidance was critical in helping us give full consideration and inclusion of constructing the foundation necessary for developing coach and athlete competencies.”

Kerry J.W. Klostermann, currently Secretary General USA Volleyball