Organizational Excellence

Rader Consulting, LLC draws on more than 30 years of experience and expertise in the nonprofit, corporate and public sectors to help leaders enhance organizational excellence and drive results. 

We assist our clients with:

Strategic & Operational Planning

  • Develop strategic and operating plans that drive performance to get powerful results

Performance Management

  • Establish a planning culture that regularly evaluates progress and rewards success

Governance Best Practices for Nonprofits

  • Operate in alignment with sound governance & management principles

Executive Coaching for Leadership Development

  • Enhance your personal leadership style for greater organizational  impact

About Kae Rader

  • About Kae Rader

    With more than 30 years of organizational leadership and service, Kae is a results-oriented consultant and dynamic facilitator.



“Kae Rader is a consummate professional and very team-oriented. She is talented and committed to helping others succeed. Her planning skills made her an extremely valuable member of our team, and she enjoys the respect of everyone who has worked with her.”

Scott Blackmun, CEO
US Olympic Committee